hokaegu asked:

Hey so I wanted to apologize for the fact that you're getting so much hate over something so unimportant. Like, that shows you right there what his fans are like. They're really just acting like guard dogs, and it's sad. Hopefully they pull the wool from over their eyes eventually and realize they're supporting a lost cause. Good luck!

thankyou thats sweet of you to say! i hope this all just goes away soon

thefrogman asked:

I didn't realize that your ask wasn't anonymous. I usually don't post things like that unless they are. I have a large following and sometimes I can't prevent people from sending hate on my behalf. That is not my way and I apologize if anyone said anything hurtful. If you want me to delete the post I can, but the damage may already be done. Again, I am sorry. Take care.

thankyou sooo much! it takes a big person to apologize! and i realize that there are some mean people are in this world but at the same time there are still many amzing and thoughtful people in the world also! thankyou again it was very sweet for you to help me out in this situation!

zii-rin asked:

You`re not a nice person. You didn`t have to say anything at all to thefrogman, if you didn`t think his blog was funny. By the way you are replying to these asks, I can also tell you`re immature and unintelligent. You should have known all of this was going to happen as soon as you insulted a famous tumblr blogger. Grow up & learn respect.

sorry i really am! and its just i reallu=y dont know how i insulted him so if you toldd me i would be greatful!

Anonymous asked:

Oh boy another sad vapid 14-year old girl blog. Hurry post more stuff about boys texting first. "4real. my tumblr is like a nerds.. i am horrible at it and i am confused." Real riveting stuff. Keep it up.

thanks(: .

Anonymous asked:

That awkward moment when you try to insult one of the most popular people on tumblr, apropos of nothing, and forget to hit 'anon'.

ok so i dont even no who i insulteed so if u have something come right out with it